Project Description

Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams combine the absorption properties of acoustical foams with the toughness and durability of vinyl.  The perforation pattern has been engineered to provide maximum absorption and resilience with 14% open area.  The attractive leather-like appearance makes it ideal for vehicle interiors, marine headliners, and enclosures.

Standard Sizes:
Rolls: 54″ x various lengths (Call for details)
Sheets w/ adhesive backing: Available in various sizes
Standard Thickness: 1/2″, 1″, (2″ can be ordered)
Standard Colors: Black, Sandpiper, Mojave Brown, Storm Gray

Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams

Frequency (Hz)

125 250 500 1K 2K 4K NRC
1/2″ .22 .24 .52 .88 1.00 .68 .66
1″ .30 .37 .90 .96 .80 .76 .76
ASTM C384   Absorption Coefficient
Quick and Permanent Installation Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams

Black perforated vinyl faced foam with PSA back means quick and permanent installation. This part was water jetted to the customer drawing.


Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams in Use

Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams Installation Mining Truck
Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams Installation Mining Truck

Perforated vinyl faced foam installed inside the cab of a mining truck

Effectiveness chart of Thickness of 4# Polyester Foam

Comparison chart of a soundproofing foam of 1 inch Thick Polyester Foams

Effect of Facing on 2 inch 2 pound Polyester acoustic foam

Comparison of 2 pound and 4 pound acoustic foam at one quarter inch thickness

Effect of Thickness on Plain two pound polyester acoustic foam