dB Engineering materials have all been developed and optimized over many years and some may be more appropriate for one application than another. We have tried to illustrate our special approach to solving basic noise control problems, which generally offer a superior performance at a reduced weight and cost compared to the traditional noise control methods.

bus_productsBuses, Coaches and Trains
Road and engine noise treatment for passenger comfort.


Interior comfort and also exterior noise control for highway type approval.

rv_productsMobile Homes and RVs

Engine and generator bay insulation for internal comfort and nighttime operational requirements in camp sites.

machine-productsMachine Enclosures

Machine enclosures require insulation from noise and vibrations.

pipewrap-productsPipe Wrap

Lagging high-pressure pipe to reduce environmental noise impact.

medical_productsMedical Equipment

Appropriate noise levels are especially important for medical venues.


Fire Proof Upholstered Furniture Cushion Foam for Residential, Transit, Commercial & Institutional Seating.

white-goods-productAppliance Industry

Product quality and competitive forces require household appliance to be quieter than that of the competition.


Humvees and other military vehicles require road and engine noise treatment.

marine-productsMarine Applications

Engine room insulation treatment for crew and passenger comfort.


Reducing motor noise levels requires insulation.

off-highway-productsOff-Highway Applications

Health and safety at work require safe noise levels for the plant operators.


Generator Sets

Generator sets need to be rugged, dependable and quiet.