Hummer-MilitaryWherever you see American troops around the world, you see HUMMWVs (Humvees) in action.

In every one of the HUMMWVs built for 30+ years, you will find innovation in the form of our unique thermal protection kits for the interior crew compartments.

These hearty products resist all conceivable service abuse while protecting our soldiers from heat, burns and vibrations. And during their long installed life, our solution retains its sealed integrity so it can continue to be used in the event of an “NBC” event.

Call our engineer to discuss your projects’ unique and demanding heat and acoustic requirements. We will create a producible, installable, cost-effective solution that will stand the test of time for your production run.

Military-PartKey Benefits

  • Holistic approach to vehicle noise and sound quality
  • Combinations of materials that maximize the noise insulation
  • “In house” acoustical expertise