Project Description

Foam Melamine is a lightweight, high temperature resistant, open cell foam manufactured from melamine resin.  It combines excellent thermal properties with superior sound absorption capabilities to create a versatile fiber free product which can be applied in situations which may prohibit the use of urethane foams or fiberglass insulations.

This fire retardant foam meets the flame spread, smoke density and fuel contribution requirements necessary to comply with Class-1 building code regulations.  The high performance thermal and acoustical characteristics of this flexible, low density foam make it an ideal product for in-plant and FDA approved applications.  In addition to being the solution to aircraft and architectural noise problems, Melamine Foam is the material in use in OEM products requiring a combination of thermal and acoustical insulation capabilities.  Optional facings can be applied for more durability and chemical resistance as well as pressure sensitive adhesive for ease of installation.

Reinforced Mylar Faced Foam Melamine

This is a reinforced Mylar faced melamine.

Physical Properties

Color: White
Density: .7 lb/ft3ASTM D3574-86 test A
Tear Strength: .5 ppi per ASTM D3574-86 test F
Tensile Strength: 18 psi per ASTM D3574-86 test E
Elongation: 15% per ASTM D3574-86 test E

Flammability: UL 94VO, UL-94 HF-1, UL 94-5, and FAR 25.853(a)
ASTM E84 Flame: 2.5; Smoke: 16.9
ASTM E162 Pass
662 Pass
Boeing ATS 1000.001 Pass

Thermal Conductivity: BTU/hr., Ft2., oF/in.; .25 per ASTM C 177
Temperature: -45o F – 302o F Continuous; to 400o F Intermittent

Standard Sizes:
Sheets: 24″ x 48″, 48″ x 48″, 48″ x 96″
Standard Thickness: 1/4″ to 18″


Frequency (Hz)

125 250 500 1K 2K 4K NRC
1/2″ .09 .13 .27 .50 .68 .81 .40
3/4″ .09 .15 .39 .65 .80 .90 .50
1″ .06 .31 .65 .82 .94 .99 .68
1-1/2″ .19 .35 .75 .98 1.01 1.03 .75
1″ Reinforced Facing .07 .39 1.13 .51 .27 .43 .58
ASTM C423-90a   Absorption Coefficient


Table showing how the human ear perceives noise reduction.

Decibel Reduction Reduction Experienced by Ear
2 15%
4 23%
6 38%
8 48%
10 56%
12 63%
14 68%
16 75%
18 77%
20 81%

Foam Melamine in Use

Blower Muffler Foam Melamine

Example of how a blower muffler was cut and assembled to make a complete unit.

All our foam products do not drip upon ignition, cease to burn after removal of the source of ignition and produce a minimal amount of smoke.

IMPORTANT: When the foam is subjected to dirt, grease, moisture and chemical attack, it may require a foam with a protective surface treatment such as our Metalized Mylar or Matte Film Finish foams above.

Most of our products meet all the requirements of UL-94, MVSS-302 and FAR 25.83b. Call or e-mail to request expanded specifications and technical data sheets.

Foam Melamine Millennium Metal Combination Chart
Foam Melamine Sound Absorption Chart

Effectiveness chart of Thickness of 4# Polyester Foam

Comparison chart of a soundproofing foam of 1 inch Thick Polyester Foams

Effect of Facing on 2 inch 2 pound Polyester acoustic foam

Comparison of 2 pound and 4 pound acoustic foam at one quarter inch thickness

Effect of Thickness on Plain two pound polyester acoustic foam