The use of good storage practices can help mitigate aging effects when molded rubber products are stored for extended periods. Following are general guidelines for the storage of molded rubber products.

  • Temperature: Ambient temperatures for storage should be between 40°F and 80°F (5°C – 25°C) and parts should be stored away from localized sources of radiant heat.
  • Humidity: Relative humidity of approximately 75% is desirable and ideally should be controlled in conjunction with temperature to avoid condensation on parts.
  • Light: Protection should be provided to prevent exposure to direct sunlight and/or intense artificial light with a high UV content.
    Radiation: Molded rubber products should be protected from sources of ionizing radiation.
  • Ozone/Oxygen: Avoid storing rubber products in areas where ozone generating equipment ( electric motors, mercury vapor lamps, high voltage electrical equipment) is in use. Protect stored product from direct ventilation and air circulation, ideally in airtight packaging.
  • Loading: Molded rubber products should be stored/packaged in such a way as to avoid loading or deforming the rubber geometry to prevent permanent deformation and/or set.