Project Description

dB Engineering has been supplying the transportation industry with high quality acoustical floormats since 1979. Most of the floormats have the same basic composites that give high noise transmission loss as well as a handsome finished appearance for the interior of vehicle cabs. Instead of a cheap open cell underlay, dB Engineering uses a high quality closed cell that performs better at low frequency and does not allow water to soak into the material. The other two composites include a one pound per square foot barrier and a non-slip surface. 

Acoustical Floormats
Lava Twist and Twist Grain Acoustical Floormats

Lava Twist and Twist Grain Floormats

Desert Sand Acoustical Floormats

Desert SandFloormats

383 Military Green Acoustical Floormats

383 Military Green

Diamond Plate Acoustical Floormats

Diamond Plate Floormat

Options with Floormats

Diamond Plate Acoustical Floormats in Use

Large floormat cut with water jet for OEM heavy equipment.

Diamond Plate Acoustical Floormats Installation

Partially cut knock outs for possible accessory installation.

Acoustical Floormats in Use

Large Diamond Plate Acoustical Floormats

Diamond Plate in Use.

OEM Lava Style Acoustical Floormats

OEM Lava style floormat installed in new terminal tractor.

Diamond Plate in Use

Diamond Plate in Use

Stacked Acoustical Floormats to Ship

Multiple floor mats cut for OEM customer are stacked and ready to ship.


Physical Property Description – Value Test Standard
Material Deep Twist Grain Vinyl
Thickness 0.029 to 0.035 inch thick
Tensile Min 120 x 103 CFFA-17
Trapezoid Tear Min 25 x 25 CFFA-16C
Tack Tear Min 67 x 59 CFFA-14
Cold Crack Pass 0 °F Masland
Flammability S/E FMVSS-302
Grain Retention No Change 5 min.@ 300o F
Weight oz/yd2 25.1 oz/yd2 +/- 10% CFFA-20
Width 56″ min 58″ max
Adhesion 5.0 # min CFFA-3
Seam Strength 72.9 x 63.4 CFFA-14

Acoustical Properties

ASTM E90 and E413 on 1 lb/sf barrier only
Frequency 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
TL (dB) 17 19 24 29 34 40 28

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