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Sound Absorption Panels

Whether it’s dBcloth, Matte Film Finish, Metalized Mylar, Embossed Foam, Foam Melamine or a variety of other acoustical composites for noise absorption, we have you covered. Request free samples or ask for die-cut or waterjet cut products engineering to your specifications.

Free Samples and Engineering



dB Cloth

dBcloth acoustical foams are designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound with minimum thickness and weight. These flexible polyurethane open cell foam products are manufactured to optimize pore size, air flow resistance, and density. Sound energy, passing through the cell structure, is converted into minute quantities of low grade heat that is easily dissipated. Since the uniformity of the cells are carefully controlled the efficiency is constant and predictable from one installation to another.


Foam Melamine

Foam Melamine is a lightweight, high temperature resistant, open cell foam manufactured from melamine resin. It combines excellent thermal properties with superior sound absorption capabilities to create a versatile fiber free product which can be applied in situations which may prohibit the use of urethane foams or fiberglass insulations.


Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams

Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams combine the absorption properties of acoustical foams with the toughness and durability of vinyl. The perforation pattern has been engineered to provide maximum absorption and resilience with 14% open area. The attractive leather like appearance makes it ideal for vehicle interiors, marine headliners, and enclosures.


Foam Damping Sheet

The need to absorb noise inside a machine enclosure often accompanies the need to damp vibration on the same structure. Where it is not possible to totally enclose a noise source, as in many types of machinery, electrical appliances, office equipment and electronic controls, the inside of the enclosure should be lined with sound absorption material.


Embossed Foam

Embossed faced foam is a high performance acoustical material with superior absorption at the most critical frequency bands. It is often used in speaker housings, medical equipment, HVAC units, blower enclosures, and office equipment such as computer and printer housings.


Millennium Metal

Millennium Metal takes the spaced absorber principle one step further. The metal panel is micro cracked to create the ideal airflow resistance to optimally absorb the sound impinging on it. The low frequency absorption can be enhanced by increasing the air space behind it.


Millennium Metal with Acoustifil Sound Absorption System

Millennium Metal MM is a self-supporting metal sheet, micro-perforated by a patented process to give the optimum airflow resistance for absorbing sound. MM is usually installed with a small airspace between the absorber panel and the back wall of the room/enclosure, utilizing spacers and its own self-supporting quality. The low-frequency performance can be optimized by […]

dB engineering can do on-site noise testing for our customers and give engineering assistance in choosing the correct materials.